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Related article: Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 14:31:22 EST
Subject: A Family Fuck Fest 5 catagory: Bi InsestA Family Fuck Fest 5
Author: Melissa Allan
Screen name: Lissa A Green
catagory: Bi InsestA Word From The Author: if you liek rough youll love this Haloween. A holiday my family loves except the part about dressing up.
But we were getting our costumes together. Jckie was going to be a dead
cheerleader, Davey is being a pirait and I'm goin as a pimp nice stretch huh? My family goes all out on this holiday. We decorate the house, my mom
bakes cakes and cookies and my dad gets the best candy in town. And theres
always left vers. Jackie and I are too old for trick or treating but we still have to take
Davey out, we trick or treat for an hour or then we head back home for a
party. Jackie and I decorated the basment room downstairs the day.before. All
the kids in our classes are coming. "This year is gonna be so cool Code Patrick Ambers is coming he's such a
hunk!" "Gonna get ucky tomorrow Jackie?" I said while lolita rape incest torture blowing up a balloon." "I always do. By the way, we never finished our conversation about
Heather and Andy." "What do you suggest?" "Well I'm sure Heather will nude pics art lolita
suck you off, if she was really really,
really drunk." "Thanks alot! You never complain about sucking e off bitch!" "True, anyways I figure if we get them drunk and if they stay behind when
everyone leavs we'll nab them." "That's an idea, they'll probably suggest to stay after and help out
anyways. Heather might she has manners unlike that little prick friend of
yours." "Believe me Jackie, he dose not have a little prick." "I'll have to take your word for it." "Break time. I'm tired. Hay bitch you can have a break too." 'Yes master." Jackie smiled and got down off the stool she was on. She knew damn well
what i had planned. "Get over here by the couch bitch right between my legs. right where you
belong" Jackei crawled over to my legs and put her head in my lap. A'nything else
master?" "I thinky ou know bitch, get to work now!" She unzipped my pants and took out my monster and stuck it in her mouth.
MMMM her sweet warm mouth. I never like it when it's open unless it has my
prick in there. I grabbed her hair and pulled it a bit. "Suck it good bitch yeah thats it! Lick the shaft. Don't forget my balls!" I could feel my liquied starting to fall already I didn't want to give it
yet thow, she din't deserve to drink it yet. I was moaning so load I didn't realize we had an audiance. "Hi guys, I thought you were decrating." said my mother. I looked at my mom she was wearing her slut whitches costume her nipps
where sticking out. "I tooka break." I said inbetween groans. "I told the bitch here she
could too if she did what I told her to. You wanna play mommy?' "I wanan watch a bit I need to get wet then I'll play." "Is anyone else home. Oh God yeah Jackie suck me good!!" "Dad and Grandpa went halloween shopping with Davey. It's just us. Mind
if I play with my pussy?" "Not at all Open your legs wide so I can watch you. You keep sucking
bitch till I say otherwise." "I love it when your forcefull baby. Willy ou rape my ass after you get
your bj?" "You bet! Keep sucking Jackie, good girl! Play with my balls!" My mom lifted her dress and spread her legs wide and I saw her hairy
cunt. She never ever wear underwear, girls are not allowed to in this family
unless the men tell them to. I pulled JAckie off my cock so I can take my pants off she then went
directly for my huge knob. "Shit kids you really turn your old hag of a mother on!" "You turn me on mom, your wet pussy and long silk legs And huge boobs mmm
they melt in my mouth! Stop sucking bitch and stand in the corner" I yelled
at Jackie. She got off me and crawlled to the corner. "Turn around whore!" I said. Mom get yor pussy overr here I wanna see
it." My mother suade her hips as she came towards me and laid on the couch and
spread her legs. I always loved seeing her cunt, it was so beautiful, more grown up
looking then Jackie's. "Play with yourself! Make yourself wet for my cock talk dirty while your
doing it." best lolita child top "Oh Cody my fingers lolitas guestbook ls magazine
feel so fucking good in my whore cunt! I love getting
my pussy wet and horny for your manly cock my fingers are no comparing
towards your tool! I live for your cock in me please Cody." "You can do better slut! And you Bitch in the corner, suck on your own
tits!" I loved being in charge of tow slut whores. I was half hoping my dad and
grandpa would come back soon so they can help out but I like telling these
bitches where they belong. I lean over to my mother and grabbed her boob. "Tell me where you belong bitch!" "On your cock Cody In between your legs" "So why aren't you there?" "I'm sorry Master." free lolita tgp xxx "Fucking better be! Get your whore mouth on my cock!" I said and pushed
her head to my cock. She began to llick and suck expertly on my cockhead and
I was watching jackie suck on her huge tit. little lolita model picturer I was pumping my meat into her mouth and she was taking my whole shaft
her mouth always make my cock hard. "I'm gonna shoot Bitch you better drink all of it!" I said as a warning.
I held her head down on my cock so she couldn't let up and I filled her mouth
with my jazz. I watched Jackie as I came I could tell she was having and orgasim too.. "Fuck that was good! Thanks mom." I said and hugged her. "Anytime baby, I'll always suck your cock." "Damn right you will, but not right now. I'm going to go look through my
cd collection for the party, you two whores can play together but I want this
place cleaned up when your done got lolitas model top list
it bitches?" I said as I pulled my
mothers hair. "Yes sir!" she answered. I looked over at Jackie who didn't answer and stood over her. "Answer me bitch!" I said pinching her nipple. "Yes master Sorry Sir!" "Stupid whore!" I said and twisted her nipple hard. I zipped up my pants and went to my room.
___________________________________________________ Everynight before Halloween we rent a bunch of horror movies and pig out
on candy and just have a family night. I had a idea. I grabbed a pice of candy it was kit kat the big fat kind
and I went over to my mother and told her to spread her legs and I shoved the
kit kat up her pussy and fucked her with it. "Oh Cody fuck that feels good!" she screamed. "Hay Code Man let your granpaw take over?" He grabed the kit kat and pushed into her cunt more to see how far it
would go in and began to eat it, the kit kat not her cunt. Dad took on the game and told Jackie to spread wide and pourd a few M&Ms
into her pussy and pushed her lips together making them melt inside. "Oh fuck dad that feels good!!" 'Your pussy is gonna taste so sweet!" "So is mom's!" I said "Put more int here dad!" Dad did and squeezed her pussy lips together soon her cunt was full of
melted chocolate. "I hope you plan on cleaning it up now." She said and of course dad did.
His head went right for her clit and lapped up the chocolate. Grandpa was busy still munching on the kit kat that was sticking out of
mom's pussy.I noticed Davey on the couch not really watching the orgy just sitting there
eating candy. I told him to come over to his big brother and to sit nexxt to
me. He did as he was told and I began to fondle he cute little prick. "Grandpa can I have some kit kat?" he asked. nude pics art lolita Of course grandpa let him
have some.Davey got inbetween my mom's legs and began to eat it. My mom moaned in
pleasure. "Fuck that's it baby eat it sweet thing, eat the kit kat!" Grandpa came over to me and tugged on my prick. "So Cody thinks he's a big tough guy huh?" "What do you mean grandpa?" "Your sister and mom told me what you did today." he said and grabbed my
cock harder. "You know I like rough talk like that, they loved me calling them names
like whore and bitch." "Well let's see if you like a taste of your own medicine! Get in the
doggy style position NOW!" I went into a frenzy! I jumped up and went onto all fours. The orgy on
the couch broke up and all eyes where on my about to be pounded by my
grandad's huge cock. "Go easy with him Jim." my mom said. "Fuck easy! This kid loves it rough Don't you pussy boy?" "Yes sir!" I said. lolitas guestbook ls magazine
I was rewarded with a hard slap on my ass. "Get used to that prickeater!" I felt his hands push my cheeks apart and his finger went right up my
poop hole. "You got shit up there boy! I love fucking a full stuffed ass!" "Fuck my grandad! Fuck it hard!" euro lola free gallery
I felt his cock head slapping my butt cheeks and he jamed his head into
my hole without warning. I screamed in pain It hurt like a motehr fucker! "FUCKING ASSHOLE THAT HURT!" "Not as bad as what's comming for ya! I'm gonna rip your 100 top sites lolitas
hole up!" He fucked my hoel for a good hour. My cock was ragging hard. "Feel me boy, love my cock in there hump on my cock!" he said I started humping up and down on his hard prick as he just sat
there and whiped the sweat off his forhead. He began to twist my nipps. "Your a fucking whore pricklover!" "Yes Grandpa!" I got a slap on my leg when I said that. "I mean yes sir!' "Fucking right pig! Keep fucking that tool I'm about to blow in a minute!
Tell them how much of a whore you are!" "I'm a big whore mom dad I love cock more then pussy specialy grandpa's
cock! I like to suck and drink cum nude pics art lolita and piss I like the huge balls at the end
and I love hearing them slap on my ass! I'm not happy unless i have cock in
my ass or mouth or jacking one!" "Good boy son" said my dad and he smiled at me. I was in heaven. I meant
what I said I realized I like playing with cock more then my moms pussy
that's why I hardly ever fuck my sister or mom. "Here's your prize boy! Your ass fill with hot cum!" "Thank you grandpa!" "Tell your family what your are son." "I'm a cock whore!" "And?" "I'm a queer faggy cock whore!" "Good boy! You whiped me out I think I'm gonna hit the sac early." 'Good night dad!" said my mom and kissed his lips. "Night bitch." I was still in a daze. I was shaking on the floor rolling around in the
cum that spilled out of my grandpa's cock. My dad came over to me and helped me up. "There, there Cody the cum is gone. I think you should go to bed to yo
guys have a huge dad tomorrow. I'll carry you to bed baby" My dadd scooped me up and carried me like he did when I was little. I
didn't resist. "Daddy, do you mind me being a cock whore?" I said as he tucked me in. "Fuck no, you'll have all the cock you want baby, I'll make sure of it." "I liek pussy too, just not as much and I like boobies specialy big ones." "That's my baby boy," My dad and I kissed, not father and son kiss we tongued each other. "Fuck dad I'm hard again!" "Shhh baby, not tonight, I promise we'll play tomorrow you need some
sleep." He left me like that I decided to just try and sleep it off.

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